Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summer Camp Planning - Mesozoic I - Triassic

Please note, if you have arrived at this post out of chronological order, that this is part of my overall From Lava to Life summer camp planning.

At the bottom of the post I've updated with the actual lesson notes after teaching it... if you find my brainstorm-jumble frustrating, I hope this added information will help! Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Already Owned:

Bought for Camp:


    read Triassic book from

    fossil from collection: fossil wood

    the first dinosaurs! aha, the kids will finally find their feet under them

    finger knitting string in field by the house - how long were the dinosaurs? how tall? which dinosaurs do kids most want to study? out of all the ancient life forms this will probably be the one they are most familiar with

    The 230 Million Year Old Bugs Found Perfectly Preserved in Amber
    article - 2012

    plate tectonics again - This Dynamic Planet map

    tiny mammals

    ancestors of squids

    conifers thriving in the dry climate

    which artwork? where are we on the calendar now? how fast does time start to go? we may have to make some tough choices

    prep Sunday night:

    • set out Triassic Period book, fossil, amber article
    • set out This Dynamic Planet paper map
    • print pages for Pangea flip book activity
    • set out dinosaur books so students can choose the ones they are most interested in to make fact cards / research for poster or presentation
    • set out brown yarns for weaving into layers of earth rug
    • tomorrow - needle felt microbes for Microbe Mobile?


MONDAY PM - lay out and explore paper copy of This Dynamic Planet, after students observe that the volcanoes and earthquakes seem to form lines explain the theory of plate tectonics, find plates which are moving towards each other and away, review the idea of Pangea (introduced in Permian Period bk), pass out and solve Pangea puzzle (individually), Pangea flip book (collaboratively), read Triassic Period book and look at fossilized wood, share amber article, open and assemble Tree of Life material up to flowering plants


The Pangea puzzle was great and combined with the exploration of This Dynamic Planet it took almost an hour. Students were very invested. And following it with the flip book (I just cut out and assembled one flip book and then we decided together on a continent and colored it in modern times -- F20 -- and then went backwards in time until we got to F1) really helped to solidify the connection between then and now.

This post contains affiliate links to the materials I actually use for homeschooling. I hope you find them helpful. Thank you for your support!

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