Thursday, April 19, 2018

Photos from the Classroom

the brown paper test for Fats
sour cream and butter were the two biggest culprits... why?

making butter from whipping cream

Zac's button snake
wonderful for fine motor... similar to the Montessori Dressing Frames

rough draft of an illustration for the Digestive System

picnic lunch on a beautiful warm day outside

exploring the enzyme action in saliva
experiment in Blood and Guts

adding iodine to a cornstarch-water-saliva slurry initally makes it turn purple

as the cup contents get less purple, we know that the saliva has transformed the starch into sugar

yep, you can still swallow while standing on your head

a walking meditation in Yoga class

Mancala, the oldest board game in the world

Check the Fridge, a more modern math game

with the Stamp Game material available for those who need extra help

Leah's quiet dissection spot:
the top of the clothes dryer

carving the saddle joint out of florist foam

a regular dinner table knife works fine for this
but the tip of your Sharpie will never be the same

the Small Number Cards shown in expanded notation

and slid together and stacked, 
with each digit in its correct color coding for place value

and the number made with the Golden Bead Material

Leah gets a box...

the awesome Multi-Base Bead Frame allows for hands-on addition and subtraction in bases from binary (base 2) to hexadecimal (base 16)

laminated wall cards

S is for Stars
our version, using a textured foam roller and paint

baby teeth from my children
Natalie's tooth which she knocked out with root intact at the age of 3 
is always fascinating for students

thumbless Yahtzee!

measuring for the Orienteering course

using 3-part cards from ETC Montessori to review terminology for the parts of the Human Body systems

my group really enjoyed making the illustrations for this main lesson book!

making a working model of the human hand

carefully organizing tiles for the Hundred Board

making paper in Easter cookie cutters

making shaving cream eggs in our Handwork Hangout time

and beautiful speckled Galaxy Eggs

a vist from the beekeeper, Mark Fletter

we hope to catch a bee swarm!

the box must be installed perfectly level in the tree

the three part cards for the Integumentary System

Miss Aliya, our special guest for the Lymphatic System, shows us the size and location of our thymus

we use the hands-on materials she brought to make our own models of different parts of the Lymphatic System

using tracing paper to make copies of diagrams in the

Zac, age 2, creates his own marble maze design

the last day of the Human Body... the Lego Lesson!
Cells make up Tissues

Tissues make up Organs

Organs make up Organ Systems

finally, we combine everyone's Organ System to make one amazing Organism

looking at a very simple organism... the Worm 

Leah told me later that this was her favorite dissection from the kit because you could see everything so clearly

our final special guest reviews all of the parts of the body and draws a depiction of how all the human body systems work together

one student bravely tries to needle felt all of the human organ systems inside the body

soapmaking for the Integumentary System

onward to Norse Mythology!

an illustration for Freya's Wonderful Necklace

using the dictionary to help with a Noun box from the Grammar Cabinet

sidewalk chalk outside on a pretty day

planting native trees in our yard

Zac is not sure how he feels about this little worm

a quiet Handwork time to catch up on knitting

the final dissection... the Frog

happily surrounded by our collection of Animal X-Rays

matching them up with their companion full color illustrations

as always, getting an edit of each rough draft before we put summaries and illustrations in our main lesson books

finishing up Norse Mythology MLBs

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