Sunday, April 15, 2018


We are swiftly coming up on the end of the school year! There are two main lesson blocks left.

One group will have Shapes & Number Patterns in Math; the other group will have The Stock Market & Algebra.

Then one group will have Wonderful Houses from Around the World in History / Geography; the other group will move onward in history from The Age of Exploration to The Renaissance & Reformation.

In Philosophy, we are studying Humanity and we will be starting a new read aloud story, The Wild Robot by Peter Brown.

In Literature, my novel study kids will have their final book, Out of the Dust. Leah will be studying Hamlet and -- in a wonderful coincidence -- she will be presenting her final projects during the last week of school exactly when the Rennaissance & Reformation group will arrive at Shakespearean England.

We have spent the past two weeks finishing up our study of Norse Mythology. This is a classic Waldorf block and there are a ton of art ideas and class play scripts for it. We can't possibly get to them all, nor would it be good for the children if we tried to do it all! I have complete notes for all the ideas for all of the myths on my website. Here is what we did in class:

The D'Aulaire's Book of Norse Myths

Block II

Day One - Monday
listen as a class to Richard Wagner: Ride of the Valkyries

hear new myth

  • The Valkyries and Valhalla

Day Two - Tuesday
review The Valkyries and Valhalla, add to MLB

hear new myth

  • Freya's Wonderful Necklace

Day Three - Thursday
review Freya's Wonderful Necklace, add to MLB

at a child's suggestion, we did gold and silver colored pencil drawings of the necklace (adorned with vivid paper collaged colorful gemstones) for the illustration; this made a nice two page spread and border to the summary

hear new myth

  • Idunn's Apples of Youth

Day Four - Friday
as a review of the myth, read the beautifully illustrated Iduna and the Magic Apples by Marianna Mayer

hear new myth

  • The Theft of Thor's Hammer

Day Five, Monday
as a review of the myth, read "Thor's Journey to Giantland" from Roy Wilkinson's Miscellany: A Collection of Original Poems and Plays and One Translation, pages 12-14

as a review of the myth, do table reading of "The Apples of Iduna," in Two Plays for Grade Four by John Miles (Promethean Press)

add The Theft of Thor's Hammer to MLB

Day Six, Tuesday
add The Apples of Iduna to MLB

hear new myth

  • Thor and the Jotun Utgardsloki

Day Seven, Thursday
review Thor and the Jotun Utgardsloki, add to MLB

hear new myth

  • The Death of Balder
  • Loki's Punishment

Day Eight, Friday
review The Death of Balder / Loki's Punishment, add to MLB

hear new myth

  • Ragnarokk, the Destiny of the Gods
  • A New World

play chess

Day Nine, Monday
as a review of the myth, read "Ragnarok" and "A New Beginning" from Odin's Family by Neil Philip

add to MLB
add front cover, back cover, table of contents

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