Friday, September 6, 2019

Landforms & Water Features: Week One

Some quick notes from our first week of exploring these archetypal shapes!

You can find the complete list of landforms & water features on my website.

Monday, September 2

Tuesday, September 3

Thursday, September 5

Friday, September 6

  • review Cave, add to classroom display, add to MLB
  • discuss three-part cards for Waterfall
  • watercolor painting of waterfall (mixing broken colors for the rocks, painting pure prussian blue or ultramarine blue in a straight vertical gesture for the falling water, splattering paint with a toothbrush for the spray, adding details with watercolor pencils)
  • add waterfall and rocks to Abel's Island scene in the backyard
  • do Form Drawing inspired by the waterfall plummeting down (straight lines at the top and middle of page 21 of Creative Form Drawing with Children Aged 6-10 Years)

A great family field trip to follow up on this would be Ferne Clyffe State Park, Goreville IL.

This week we continue to have individual and small group lessons on the Montessori materials. We have also had Handwork lessons on finger knitting and braiding, and next will make knitting needles. Students are excited to learn how to knit! Next week Art classes with Ms. Anna of Ana&Mei begin.

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