Friday, September 20, 2019

Landforms & Water Features: Week Three

You can find the complete list of landforms & water features on my website. As we wrap up this block our focus will be on Metamorphosis forms.

Monday, September 16

  • review Isthmus / Strait and Peninsula / Gulf three-part cards from Mandala Resources, add to classroom display, add to MLB
  • use clay to model Gulf and then transform it into Lagoon

Tuesday, September 17

  • review Lagoon, add to classroom display, add to MLB
  • look at photos of the moon's surface, do Crater demonstration with rocks and a dish of flour
  • look at page 34 of Earth: By the Numbers by Steve Jenkins
  • share my vintage postcard of Mt. St. Helens before eruption
  • recall super-eruption of Mt. Toba from Journey of Mankind interactive map, look at pages 12-13 of Earth: By the Numbers by Steve Jenkins, look at pieces of pumice from my hike up Mt. Vesuvius at age 17
  • examine This Dynamic Planet paper map by USGS; find earthquakes, volcanoes, impact craters, edges of tectonic plates & the Ring of Fire
  • discuss San Andreas Fault (California) and New Madrid Fault (nearby)
  • begin torn paper collage Volcano artwork

Thursday, September 19


  • finish torn paper collage Volcano artwork


  • revisit continental drift, plate tectonics, the layers of the earth, and earthquakes and volcanoes
  • look at pages 14-15 of Earth: By the Numbers by Steve Jenkins
  • pass around a vial of volcanic ash from the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980 (brought it by a classmate)
  • review Volcano / Crater, add to classroom display, add to MLB
  • examine Rock Cycle Mat from Waseca Biomes
  • discuss Desert / Oasis metamorphosis

Friday, September 20



  • explain Glacier / Fjord / Iceberg
  • discuss how ancient glaciers affected our state geography, scraping much of Illinois flat; look at maps on pages 5, 6, and 7 of Illinois: A History in Pictures by Gerald Danzer
  • look at photographs of glaciers and icebergs from a classmate's trip to Alaska

15,500 years ago a vast volume of glacial meltwater, the Kankakee Torrent, raced down through Illinois. The ancient Ohio River was overwhelmed by the glacial outwash and forced to move course completely to its new location. The great ancient Ohio River valley remains, and is now occupied by the much smaller Cache River.

A great family field trip to follow up on this would be the Cache River State Natural Area.

In other news, everyone in our group started knitting little white kittens this week. So sweet!!!!

We also continued with our read aloud story, Abel's Island by William Steig, and our poem in Speech & Recitation, "The Kind Mousie" by Natalie Joan.

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