Saturday, September 21, 2019

Photos from the Start of the School Year

working on our collaborative classroom tapestry,
the Backyard Biome

converting improper fractions to mixed numbers

a lesson on the Short Bead Chains
for skip counting & square numbers

graph paper multiplication
(this lesson comes after the Checker Board)

2165 x 3

a lesson on the Hundred Board

from Waseca Biomes

this food chain chart can be used
with the wooden plant & animal pieces

looking at our first landform three-part card

creating and symbolizing a sentence about the
Coral Reef using the Grammar materials

coral reef artwork with acrylic ink

practicing washing vegetables

working together on the Tree of Life
from Waseca Biomes

helping prepare lunch at Dayempur Farm

the swimming pond is wonderful this time of year!

the barn where children have their Carpentry lessons

fort building takes teamwork!

working together
(ages 2 to 6)

the clay cave is added to our Abel's Island scene

a motif for form drawing

weaving on a shoebox
creating personal tapestries

a lesson on the Checker Board

this Montessori material combines the place value
color coding of the Stamp Game with the
digit color coding of the Colored Bead Chains
and is used for long multiplication 

it can be used for hands on multiplication of large quantities
(a multiplicand to the hundred millions place
times a four digit multiplier)

mixing custom colors of watercolor paint

painting the rocks at the bottom of a waterfall

adding the sheet of water pouring down vertically

splattering to create
the texture of the splashing water

adding final details with watercolor pencils

the Cosmic Story in Science Club

joyful cooking at the mud kitchen

taking the dolls for a walk outside

noticing landforms & water features that are
mirror images of each other

Miss Shelby brings giant bubble making wands
to share with everyone

we mix up a batch of bubble stuff in the mud kitchen sink

it works!!!!!

everyone wants a turn

making bubble soup

our brand-new handmade knitting needles

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