Monday, September 30, 2019

Wrapping Up Landforms & Water Features

Here are the previous posts from this main lesson block:

Now here we are concluding our study of metamorphosis forms.

Monday, September 23

  • review Glacier / Fjord / Iceberg three-part cards from Mandala Resources, add to classroom display, add to MLB
  • examine Water Cycle Mat from Waseca Biomes
  • discuss and make Archipelego / Atoll / Reef metamorphosis in clay

Tuesday, September 24

Thursday, September 26

Friday, September 27 - Field Trip

  • review River / Bay / Estuary, add to classroom display, add to MLB
  • discuss River / Tributary / River Basin / Delta
  • use wooden blocks and play silks to model the gradual buildup of sediment from river meanders and the formation of oxbow lakes
  • take class field trip to Inspiration Point in Wolf Lake IL and Devil's Backbone State Park in Grand Tower IL; hike Inspiration Point trail; view and discuss Pine Hill Escarpment, Mississippi River, Mississippi River basin, levees, Big Muddy River (tributary), and LaRue Swamp (abandoned river meander); consider whether levees which help farmers protect their land interfere with the natural drainage system in the river basin, which could potentially make flooding worse
  • Inspiration Point Trail, Shawnee National Forest, Wolf Lake IL

    Devil's Backbone Park and Tower Rock, Grand Tower IL

    Geology Underfoot in Illinois
    by Raymond Wiggers
    chapter 23, "A Fault-Seeking Expedition"

Monday, September 30 - Field Trip

  • review River / Tributary / River Basin / Delta, add to classroom display, add to MLB
  • take class field trip to Giant City State Park in Makanda IL; hike Devil's Standtable Nature Trail and discuss its formation; enjoy a picnic lunch; visit Giant City State Park Visitor's Center, look at topographical map of the park, watch film, ask questions of the naturalist, and look at displays explaining the history and geography of our region and the formation of the dramatic sandstone features
  • explain Plain / Plateau / Butte / Earth Pillar, add to classroom display

While at Giant City State Park I saw several flyers for fun upcoming events:

click on any image to enlarge

Tomorrow we will add final landforms & water features to our books, number pages, add the table of contents, and decorate the front and back covers.

One last suggestion for a great family field trip to follow up on this topic... Little Grand Canyon, Pomona IL.

We also finished reading Abel's Island by William Steig (which was the absolutely perfect complement to this main lesson block).

Next up on our read aloud list: The Enormous Egg by Oliver Butterworth!

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