Saturday, April 25, 2020

Fun with Play Dough

Zac and I have been making up all different kinds of play dough recipes lately. So I thought I'd take a minute to share our family favorites from all the recipes we have tried over the past sixteen years.

If you have a great recipe for homemade play dough, please share it!

The "Gingerbreadiest" Play Dough is one I use in the first grade Capital Letters block (K is for King, Q is for Queen, C is for Cinnamon, G is for Ginger). It is a wonderful sensory experience as well as a perfect tie-in to The Queen Who Couldn't Bake Gingerbread by Dorothy Van Woerkom.

However, this recipe dries out overnight, even when stored in an airtight container. So instead of trying to keep it for a long time, just take it outside for Forest Putty play... and we did that today. Thank you to the fine folks at Tinkergarten for coming up with this great outdoor creative play idea!

Now, on to the recipes!

Cooked Play Dough

Homemade Play Dough (PDF)
classic cooked play dough recipe
dyed with Kool-Aid powder (do not use grape; it makes black)
from Jazzy Jars: Glorious Gift Ideas by Marie Browning

Pumpkin Spice Play Dough
from Messes to Memories
perfect Autum scent! lasts a long time

Gluten Free Homemade Play Dough
from Wellness Mama
good recipe for a gluten-free family, or if there's no regular flour left in your grocery store right now so all you have is GF
this one is a little stiffer so it's nice for cutting with scissors

No-Cook Play Dough

"Gingerbreadiest" Play Dough (PDF)
a fun no-cook play dough recipe (but only lasts one day)
adapted from a recipe I found online to include more spices

Chocolate Play Dough (PDF)
our absolute favorite! lasts for months and smells terrific
an excellent no-cook play dough recipe which uses boiling water, so you still get that nice sensory experience of kneading warm dough; I found this recipe online at Fantastic Fun and Learning as part of a Reggio provocation

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