Saturday, April 25, 2020

The Kindness Curriculum Theme 5

I am so excited to be using the Kindness Curriculum from the Center for Healthy Minds. You can download this free mindfulness curriculum easily. Each week consists of three short lessons, about 20 minutes each.

Zac and I are doing this together as a family; we are on Week Five, which has "CALMING AND WORKING OUT PROBLEMS" as its theme.

Lesson 13: Mindful movement

Invite bell, GFW, and Kindness Garden. Show a picture of an Armadillo. Luckily, Becca had a picture of one in her Creative Coloring Animals book.

Move like animals according to directions in lesson plan (Eagle, Cat, Cow, Snake, Snail, Armadillo, Frog, Monkey). Read From Head to Toe by Eric Carle and/or use cards to review movements. Rest with Belly Buddies. Invite bell.

Lesson 14: Forgiving myself

Today's lesson requires a book about forgiveness. I used the book they suggest, which is Down the Road by Alice Schertle, but you could substitute any picture book you have on hand where one character forgives another.

Great-big Bear hug. Little-tiny Ant hug. Curled-up Snail hug. Many-armed Octopus hug. Another kind of hug?

Nice follow ups for this include climbing trees together and, of course, making apple pie for breakfast! We made Apple Crisp.

Lesson 15: Forgiving others

Water our plants on the Nature table and in our vegetable garden. Play "Pass the egg" game with our basket of wet felted eggs. Review how to use the Peace Wands. Do "White Light" on page 61 of Bedtime Meditations for Kids.

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