Monday, October 4, 2021

Foods of the World

What do you do when a 9 year old wants a block on World Geography but you were thinking about a Math block? Foods of the World, of course!

Some brainstorming... and I will fill in what we do here as we do it.

I'm definitely up for suggestions! Note: all of our recipes need to be nut-free.

Festivals Together: Guide to Multicultural Celebration

by Sue Fitzjohn, Minda Weston, Judy Large

This topic will give us a chance to work on measurement in math. Grade 3 includes a focus on real-life things, so food preparation definintely counts! We can also incorporate a look at special festivals around the world and their festival foods:

I favor using the Colored Globe of the Continents with earlier grades. By third grade, however, children are ready to start finding actual countries on the globe.

My plan is that we will go around the world -- continent by continent -- and look at some special foods and/or festivals from different countries, making as many recipes as we can!

If you are teaching children of multiple ages, I would suggest getting everyone in on the game.

2nd graders can do World Folktales.

4th graders can do Fractions.

6th graders can do Heat.

7th graders can do Ratios.

8th graders can do World Religions.

And everyone always can use practice in 3 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon, etc.

I absolutely LOVE the idea of getting a Scratch Off World Map Poster to do instead of a MLB for this block. We can scratch off each country from which we make a recipe!

Scratch The World ® Travel Map

X-Large 23 x 33 inches

green / Africa

yellow / Asia

brown / Oceania

pink / South America

orange / North America

red / Europe

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