Saturday, October 23, 2021

Making a Calendar Together

Last December, Zac and I made a homemade 2021 calendar together. Of course, we couldn't travel during COVID so we spent Christmas alone. It was a very sweet project, and a good use of my old scrapbooking supplies.

We've mainly used it this year as a calendar of firsts, as is suggested in our Nature Study curriculum (Exploring Nature with Children). You just mark on the calendar when you see the first crocus, harvest the first tomato, first hear the geese heading south, etc. You save it and next year you can know what Nature milestones to expect and when! I love the idea of creating a perpetual Nature calendar!

Here is the art we made for 2021, but if we do another calendar which is specifically meant to be for Nature's Firsts, all of the artwork will be more Nature themed.

front cover

December 2020 - paint chip Christmas Tree

January 2021 - The Snowy Day
I traced the figure from our board book with tracing paper, cut it out, 
and then used that as a template for the red construction paper

February 2021 - heart mice

March 2021 - trees with bird nests
cardstock feather embellishments, Zac drew the nests

April 2021 - Easter Egg Hunt
the bushes are cut from different green papers and only attached at the bottom edge with tape, then we hid Easter Egg stickers behind some of them

May 2021 - Zac turns 6!

June 2021 - butterfly stickers and flower embellishments
Zac drew the sun

July 2021 - fireworks
Zac drew some of the windows for the buildings

August 2021 - beach

September 2021 - paper weaving

October 2021 - glowing pumpkin

cut the jack o'lantern template out of cardstock, lay it on black paper, and then go around all of the cut edges with orange chalk

November 2021 - shaving cream marbled leaves

December 2021 - Christmas quote

back cover
Zac age 5, Mommy age 44

8 inch square blank calendars

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