Thursday, January 14, 2010

Noah's Ark

Time to prepare for our Sunday School end of year class play! I use the Waldorf Old Testament Block materials for my lesson planning and I always use a Waldorf 3rd grade class play, which we do in May. This year I have a very small class so we are going to do Noah and the Flood, a play by Eugene Schwartz which is available online for FREE, and needle felt the animals 2 x 2. Here is my order from A Child's Dream Come True:

Needle Felting Kits
2 owls
2 elephants
2 hummingbirds
2 pigs
2 chickens
2 sheep
2 cats
2 hedgehogs
2 penguins
2 bunnies
2 bluebirds
2 ladybugs
2 bumblebees

This will give us PLENTY of roving and felting needles & will help my newbie felters feel confident. Sometimes directions are a good thing to have.

Plus, we need the Giant Rainbow Silk.

Total: $265.50
Not bad for a class play!

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