Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Hungry Coat

Originally, I meant this to be the last fable for our school year. It is such a good note to end on, before sending students out the door. This is not a fable from Aesop; it is a story from Turkey, beautifully retold and illustrated by Demi.

In actual fact, the last fable I told to my students was The Fox That Wanted Nine Golden Tailsby Mary Knight. This unusual fable is told as a short chapter book. It takes place in China. With five chapters, it is perfect to do as a read-aloud story for the final week of the Fables unit. There are wonderful illustrations throughout and the writing goes into a great amount of detail, which is very different from Aesop. The children become very deeply absorbed into this story and feel the moral keenly at the end. I recommend getting your hands on a used copy of this book if you can.

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