Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stancup (tm)

We use half-pint jelly jars for watercolor paint. We use cardboard egg cartons cut into thirds (4 cups each) for tempera paint. But sometimes you just need a small sturdy disposable container because whatever you are doing is too messy or just not something you can wash out of a container later. Enter the Stancup disposable container

I went online today because we had a small stack of these in the art closet and I wanted to be sure I wrote down the brand so that when we ran out, no one was running around saying, what was the name of those really nice little paper cups? It's Stancup and they are sold by the bulk in boxes of 1000. On Amazon it's $99.99 which comes to ten cents per cup. They look like little muffin cups but are very durable and thick. Handy to have around. Recommended!

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