Friday, April 13, 2018

Organic Chemistry: Protein

Updates on the Friday afternoon Science club, which is for older children:

Friday, March 30

Friday, April 6

  • make Morning Glory Bundt Cake
  • read Heat 'Em, Beat 'Em, Mix 'Em Up at Science of Eggs
  • crack open and look at examples of raw eggs, partially cooked eggs, and hard cooked eggs
  • have a gigantic Egg Toss competition outside while cake is baking!
  • taste cake
  • look at growing kombucha SCOBY, brew new batch of tea

Friday, April 13

  • discuss Leah's final project for Pride and Prejudice: Regency Day
  • make step one of White Soup
  • make step one of Blackberry and Ginger Trifle
  • look at soup recipe and review the steps in making a broth, read from What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained (this is based on a suggestion from The Parenting Passageway blog post on 7th and 8th grade Chemistry)

      "Dem Bones" on page 129

      "Red, White, and Bleu" on page 125

      "Skim That Scum!" on page 149

      "The Real White Meat" on page 157

  • look at and compare a skimmer with a wire mesh strainer, talk about scum and remember how our very first project in Kitchen Chemistry was to make plastic with milk proteins (casein)
  • brush pound cake slices with cooled ginger syrup, whip sweetened cream (this will be a good transition into Fats and Oils next week)
  • finish assembling trifle and set it in the fridge, strain soup and set it in the fridge to cool
  • look at growing kombucha SCOBY, brew new batch of tea

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