Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Magic Magic

Beth Manners' Magic Spanish for Kids has been such a favorite on our car ride to and from Tidewater School that I am going to go ahead and get her additional CDs:

My kids love the Magic Spanish for Kids storyline -- and we got to learn about Uxmal, which I thought was cool -- and they really are proud of themselves for learning words from different languages. Natalie's school offers Spanish so I had gotten this for her as supplement, but they like it so much I think I will trust that the rest of Beth's CDs (or should I call her Miss Manners) :-) are good and we'll explore a different language as well. It would be good for them to realize that there is more than one foreign language in the world!

Rounding out the additions to our CD collection, I am thrilled to buy Pictures at an Exhibition. The Great Gate of Kiev is one of my favorite musical pieces of all time. Someday I'm going to figure out how to make it the ringtone on my cell phone. With this CD you get to hear two versions of the music, one for piano and one with the complete orchestra. When the children are older, we can compare them.

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