Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scones and Such

We had a lovely morning. Today the girls did painting and crayons, ran around in dress up costumes (flower fairies), helped me add fresh bedding and some cabbage leaves to our worm bin, and made currant scones. Our worm bin has been a roaring success and I look forward to getting more worms soon. Tidewater is shortly going to be setting up a vermicomposting system so I will go into the classroom to talk about it. Leah and Rebecca helped me tear up strips of newspaper, soak them in water (in our blue and white speckled washbasin), sqeeeeze the excess water out (good muscle building for little hands) and place the bedding strips gently in our bin. Today we will probably also do a story about baking, to accompany our scones (probably "The Clever Baker" from The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book: World Folk Tales Especially for Reading Aloud) and Christopher's Harvest Time, just because I LOVE the picture of Mrs. Cabbage. That is a book that will undoubtedly be going in the Farming and Gardening summer camp booklist -- I'll be putting more work in on those brainstorming sessions soon.

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