Monday, September 8, 2008

Kid Gift Ideas

Since I'm brainstorming things for my children to give for Christmas, I thought I'd list some others. Our budget means that projects are dictated by what we have a surplus of around the house.

Cinnamon Ornaments -- these are fun to cut out with cookie cutters and smell delicious!

Painted Flower Pots with apple seeds planted in them -- we can do the story of Johnny Appleseed first

Felted Soaps -- super hands on and messy. Last year we gave some homemade bathtub paint that was a blast to make.

Cookies -- baking is always fun :-)

I'm not sure what to do for Christmas cards, I'd like to do something hand stamped this year. If I start early enough the kids can also help with that. I also like to wrap gifts in plain white paper decorated with crayon drawing or paintings so we'll have to work on some extra art creations.

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