Monday, September 15, 2008

The Little Red Hen

I am gathering my supplies to make finger puppets for The Little Red Hen. The basic text of this story can be found online: I was inspired by this story which contains a Duck as one of the figures (Paul Galdone's features the recalcitrant Cat, Dog, and Mouse) to think of other animals which might play a part in the story. Using Suzanne Down's excellent book of animal finger puppet patterns, I think I will make:

p.71 Chicken
p.79 Dog
p.81 Cat
p.93 Bunny
p.95 Squirrel
p.97 Hedgehog

This way the little red hen can ask her housemates dog & cat first for help, then finding them to be too lazy she can take a walk in the field and find the other three and ask them for help. Of course, this means that when the aroma of the freshly baked bread comes wafting through the house and out into the yard, all five of them can appear (on the five fingers of my hand) eager for a taste!

For Harvest follow-ups I want us to do some kind of modeling material to imitate making bread, or perhaps even knead some bread dough -- I still need to think this part through. First comes making the puppets and practicing the story. The downside to mixing bread dough is that the flour gets everywhere and the library might not invited us back if they have to vacuum the carpet...

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