Friday, November 16, 2018

Photos from the Beginning of November

making Candy Corn Slime

it hardens pretty quickly... perfect for cutting with playdough scissors

writing our first main lesson book in Real Script!

students love our beautiful fountain pens

painting the Greater Prairie Chicken

Autumn leaves!!!

using leaves as play kitchen foods in our restaurant

our beautiful shaving cream marbled leaf craft

punching more maple leaves for us to dip and dye

we also marblized some larger pieces of paper
so that we could punch out teeny leaves later on

different shapes of the sassafras leaf

our experiment "How do Leaves Breathe?"

can you see the tiny bubbles?

RAKING is so much FUN!

** teamwork **
Can we build a leaf pile that reaches all the way up to the sky?

thank you to the older friends who came to help out

making knitting needles and starting the first stuffed animal project

Albus stops by to visit during lunch and recess

our collection of leaves for leaf rubbings

the beautiful new Filana block beeswax crayons
paraffin-free and made in the USA

and some plain shaving cream to play with, just for fun

our first Science experiments for temperature
and practicing reading a thermometer

our special guest, Chad Goodpastor, shows us glass rods and tubes
which he uses in lampworking

plus a marble using those colors which he made (and we got to keep)

a beautiful piece of glass art

the kids are absolutely fascinated by his profession
he was a wonderful special guest for our study of Temperature!

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