Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Photos from October Week 3

the big kids try their hand at grinding corn in the mill

making our persimmon puree for the 

Grammar Cabinet adjective work

an advanced Stamp Game multiplication problem

tracing the famous Haunted House of Speech template

using the Grammar Stencil and special colored pencils to trace the Montessori symbol for each part of speech:

black - noun
dark blue - adjective
light blue - article
red - verb
orange - adverb
green - preposition
purple - pronoun
pink - conjuction
gold - interjection

feeling a variety of grains

a sloth happily napping upside down

hmmm.... maybe using black oil pastel wasn't the best choice
for the Haunted House of Speech work

Zac helps harvest worm castings on Farm Day

the "Wormy Joy Ride"

shoveling the castings into a bucket as they come out of the sifter

feeding the chickens

archery lessons for first-time students

including three-year old Zac!

we tried it right handed at first but soon decided he was a lefty

our Amish Friendship Bread looks and smells delicious

sharing out 1-cup portions of bread starter with friends

washing veggies for Stone Soup

what a healthy meal!

the Drawing Simple Animal Forms book from Live Education!
and our brand-new Filana block beeswax crayons

multiplication on the Checker Board

the Golden Bead Material

working further with fractions

adding morning work choices to the plan book

color coding the work by academic subject

adding details to the Haunted Houses of Speech

creating sentences using the creative details in our haunted houses 
and organizing each word under the colorful symbol for its part of speech; 
for example:

The - article
scary - adjective
ghost - noun
sits - verb 
under - preposition
my - adjective
house - noun
and - conjunction 
it - pronoun
moans - verb
eerily. - adverb

OOOOOOHHHHHH! - interjection

weaving the layers of leaf litter on our tapestry

illustrating an illuminated manuscript letter

needle felting eggs for our Bird Art Show in Science Club

cardinal oil pastel art project

my family's weekend trip to the annual Fort Massac Encampment

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