Friday, November 16, 2018

Yoga Stories

The annual tradition continues! In Miss Luna's yoga class the students work in teams to write creative stories which incorporate a variety of yoga poses, then perform them. Here are the stories which they performed today:

The Airplane that Saw a Fly

    An airplane was flying and saw a fly. It stopped and crashed. The fly was unconscious; the plane was destroyed. Then a cat poured water on the fly. It woke up. Then the cat fixed the plane. They traveled to a new planet called Fly-Plane-Cat. They had a great view of the meadows and seas. They found a mountain but it had a mean dog!!! But wait... What?... That goddess from Heaven saved them.

    The End

Lilly's Nature Walk

    Once there was a child. Her name was Lilly. She went on a nature walk with her family. On her way in she saw a beautiful butterfly fluttering near a flower. She kept on walking to see many trees. Then she saw a mountain up ahead. She really wanted to climb it but there was a big mean dog in the way. So she took another path nearby. She looked up to see an eagle soaring above her. She kept on walking and almost stepped on a small green frog. Later on she saw a big dead bug on the gate leading out.

    Later, on the way home, her dad had a surprise for her and her brother Zac! They were going to get ice cream! Once they were there, they picked out their flavors. Zac got chocolate and Lilly got strawberry. They decided to eat outside becuase it was warm out. When they were all done and it was time to go, Zac spotted an airplane flying high in the sky. Then everybody got in the car. Lilly was very sad to go home and Zac was too.

    The End

The Dolphin and the Fish

    There once was a dolphin and a fish and they were best friends! They lived under a bridge that was in a beautiful meadow over a very large river.

    The dolphin and the fish decided to go on a swim to see what they could find.

    They passed a blue butterfly sitting on a pink lotus flower. They kept on swimming in the warm calm water. They came across a multi-colored lizard crawling on a hot rock. Just then, a canoe floated by them with a puppy on it! "Awww," they said as the puppy said, "Arf! Arf!"

    As they continued to swim down the river they passed a huge mountain. As they gazed up they saw a flock of eagles circling overhead. As they watched the eagles they heard a loud motor sound and saw an airplane flying overhead. In the grass nearby they saw a sneaky slithering cobra racing toward a frog on the riverbed! "Watch out!" yelled the fish. The frog narrowly escaped.

    Just then they heard loud music. So very curious, they kept swimming. They saw a flamingo and a bunch of crabs dancing!

    It started to get cold and dark, so the dolphin and the fish decided to swim home. They ran into their friend, Mr. Shark! They invited him home for a dinner of delicious dead bugs!

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