Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Photos from Mid-November

making Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins with Natalie

continuing with Science experiments for Temperature
this gives us lots of practice in reading a thermometer in Celsius

making our lanterns with self-hardening clay

making pinch pots is hard work

punching little holes in so that the light can shine out

look at what I made!

great job!

our lanterns sit and harden for several days

the Spoon Experiment helps us discover Conductors & Insulators
sterling silver, wood, stainless steel

plastic, horn, iron

the Blubber Experiment:
two gallon Ziploc bags nested one inside the other
lots of Crisco slathered in between them
one hand goes in the insulated bag...

while the other hand goes straight into the ice water!
we measured the temp:  4 degrees Celsius

yikes!  that is cold!

and, surprisingly, lots of children wanted to do it again

testing out our white glue mixed with India ink

lots of beautiful artwork is coming together for our calendar projects

we wake up to a snowy day

helping with Stone Soup

perfect for kids who come in cold and tired after
a morning spent playing in the snow

these friends lay out the collection of silks to create habitats
"this is the dry desert"

and carefully place all of our animals in their correct spot
including the animals in our board games!
Pengoloo penguins and Snug as a Bug in a Rug bugs

outside a snowman takes form

and they made a snowball so big they couldn't roll it any more

sitting in boxes is a hot trend right now

so is coloring on the boxes

this friend loves to hide like a kitty cat

movement verses at Circle Time
"Bear Has a Snout" from The Breathing Circle

our beautiful rainbow of beeswax colors

making rolled beeswax candles for our little clay lanterns

Natalie likes making the calendar artwork too
these are her pretty little wine cork stamped ladybugs

science experiment for Conductors & Insulators
three cups:  plastic, paper, and Styrofoam
which one keeps water coldest?

organizing our data into a bar graph

the final Temperature activity:

carefully setting out the muffin cups

using the kitchen scale to measure our sugar in grams

carefully measuring flour and getting it just right

time to measure the chocolate chips
and get your picture taken helping with the recipe

100 grams

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