Monday, February 17, 2020

Four Seasons and Nature Study - Autumn

Naturally this topic can, and should, be a year-long study! We are just enjoying a quick dip.

    Spring - Feb 3, 4, 6

    Summer - Feb 7, 10, 11

    Autumn - Feb 13, 14, 17

    Winter - Feb 18, 20, 21

We continued with Farmer Boy as our read-aloud story this month; the older students used February to do their Farming & Gardening main lesson block.


Thursday, February 13

  • begin individual hand-painted wooden Waldorf Perpetual Calendars, our beautiful seasons art project with Ms. Anna!

Friday, February 14

Autumn themes of migrating birds and the Harvest.

The GBBC, which begins today and runs through Monday, was a perfect fit, as was the field trip! Not everyone went on the hike (it was 18 degrees Fahrenheit) and so those who didn't go did their Positive/Negative Apple Art.

GBBC Instructions (PDF)

GBBC Data Form (PDF)

Monday, February 17

Today our delicious Autumn recipe, Cinnamon Baked Pears. And an Autumn game, Dragon Fire! This game is from Games Children Play: How Games and Sport Help Children Develop by Kim John Payne.

Since we are getting closer to the actual season outside, we can shift more into Nature Study. Today the Baby Wolves worked with the Cheese Puffs to grid the yard, a suggestion made by the SIU students with whom we are working on our landscaping projects. Working together to make a grid of the yard was fun. Each child will now begin to do daily observations and Nature Study on "their" section. Soon we will decide what we want to plant where!

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