Friday, February 14, 2020

Science I CAN READ Books

I love buying books for the classroom soooo much! Today, in fact, was the big unveiling of our brand-new 22 volume World Book Encyclopedia 2018.

I've also been beefing up my collection of early readers. Many years ago I got Jason and the Bees by Brom Hoban. This is a Nature I CAN READ book. Recently I became curious about other similar vintage titles and discovered more Nature I CAN READ as well as a whole series of Science I CAN READ books, all of which I've been purchasing. I have also found a bit of historical fiction for this age group. And I found Prove It!, a wonderful early reader book of Science Experiments, which we've been working our way through in Science Club. After we finish it, I can put it on the shelf and the children who are a part of our club will have fun reading it and revisiting the experiments.

So, here are some early reader titles I recommend. As you can tell, I do like the vintage ones! I think they are much better than many modern titles!

Science I CAN READ series

Nature I CAN READ series

Additional Suggestions

Of course, we all love and deeply cherish Frog and Toad and Sammy the Seal and Uncle Elephant and Small Pig and so on... but I wanted to share some more titles I've found that my students really enjoyed. I hope it is helpful!

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