Monday, February 3, 2020

Norse Mythology I: Week Four

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Tuesday, January 28

  • review Balder and Heimdall and read "Njord, Frey, and Freya"
  • choose one of these five figures to add to the MLB with an acrostic poem of the god/goddess's name and a colored pencil illustration

Thursday, January 30

  • read "Bragi, God of Poetry"
  • create illustration for the story by painting a large circle on the paper -- to represent the outside edge of the kettle -- and then spatter painting paint inside it -- to represent the spittle -- using an old toothbrush and some wire screen

Friday, January 31

  • rough draft, edit, add to MLB "Bragi, God of Poetry"
  • read "Odin's Eight-legged Steed"
  • create illustration for the story by creating a wall of construction paper blocks around the border of the page

Monday, February 3

  • rough draft, edit, add to MLB "Odin's Eight-Legged Steed"
  • number pages, add table of contents, decorate front & back covers

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