Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Kindness Curriculum Theme 2

I am so excited to be using the Kindness Curriculum from the Center for Healthy Minds. You can download this free mindfulness curriculum easily. We'll be doing this for a total of eight weeks in our Early Childhood class.

We are on Week Two, which has "I FEEL EMOTIONS ON THE INSIDE" as its theme.

We continued with our Songs, Verses & Movement for classroom routines.

Circle Time

Monday, February 10
Lesson 4: Quiet emotions on the inside

I don't often have the books that this curriculum calls for so we get creative with substitutions. Happily, the public library had A Quiet Place by Douglas Wood so I borrowed it. Lovely! We used flaxseed beanbags for Belly Buddies.

Breathing In, Breathing Out by Betsy Rose is on Amazon Music Unlimited.

Tuesday, February 11
Lesson 5: I can notice things when I’m quiet on the inside

We used "Sounds on the Farm" from The Best of Kindermusik volume 3 (Youtube, 1:43). It doesn't have a bell for freezing but it works well for a Listening Walk and it had farm animals. To add in the experience of paying attention to when to stop and when to walk, we also did Hap Palmer's "Country Classics Stop and Start," track #15 from Rhythms on Parade.

For the story today I read The Hermit and the Well by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Thursday, February 13
Lesson 6: Different emotions feel differently on the inside

We did the lesson plan as written except that I added in The Little Frog meditation (CD track #2) at the end, instead of the Belly Buddy exercise.

And, of course, we made Stone Soup today. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed. It's different every week! Today's delicious soup included vegetable broth, yellow onion, carrot, celery, sweet potato, zucchini, apple, and a crunchy topping of toasted vermicelli noodles.

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