Sunday, February 2, 2020

The Protector Archetype in ECE

Our entire homeschool co-op, ages 3-10, enjoyed a field trip (Carbondale Fire Department) and a special guest (Free Again Wildlife Rehabilitation) last week as part of the Lower Elementary topic of Professions. It is particularly important in Early Childhood to be exposed to the reassuring Protector archetype. We continued, therefore, with our "Winter" movement journey.

The essence of this sweet story is that the dwarves march underground to visit all of the sleeping animals. They sing to them gently. Then they do some magic to see what each sleeping animal is dreaming about. It's a great movement journey because the children get to do all of the motions: hopping for the bunny, crawling for the beetle, bear walking for the bear, flying for the ladybug, eating for the caterpillar. This week we also added in letting the children name some new animals which we acted out. My favorite was the snake basking in the summer sun.

The "Winter" story is on pages 47-48 and "Trample Trip" is on page 100.

We continued with our Songs, Verses & Movement for classroom routines.

Circle Time

Monday, January 27
Fire Station field trip! We also read Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle, where the father is the nurturing parent watching over eggs and babies.

Tuesday, January 28
Free Again Wildlife Rehabilitiation special guest! We also read Sky Color by Peter Reynolds and did the Paint the Winter Sky activity.

Thursday, January 30
Stone Soup today! This week included chicken broth, onion, celery, carrot, sweet potato, okra, kale, and rice. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

I definitely noticed increased play with the Fagus Fire Engine this week, as the younger children (ages 3-4) acted out rescuing scenarios over and over.

If you're interested in going more deeply into the Protector and working with bringing these images in a reassuring way to young children, Suzanne Down has a wonderful online storywriting class called The Protection Story - A 10-Day Writing Challenge Course. It just opened up yesterday February 1st.

Suzanne also has an intensive therapeutic puppetry workshop in Boulder CO from July 17-21 called 'Touched into Being' - The Mother Archetype and How Puppetry Supports the 4 Lower Senses. In this workshop you actually make a "Mother" rod puppet using hand sewing and needle felting, then use it to tell your stories. I have done this with her. It was an incredible experience.

With the older students we actually tied in our new No-Fault Classroom activities with the idea of Protector. I like the idea of working more directly with mindfulness with our younger students as well, so we will take up The Kindness Curriculum (available as a download at no charge from The Center for Healthy Minds, University of Madison-Wisconsin). I'm excited to begin!

Lastly, February 1st was also the start of Nonviolent Carbondale's annual 11 Days for Peace. This series of community events will run from Feb 1 - 11. Here is the schedule; there's a lot going on! I hope you find something on this list that interests you. We could all benefit from carving out some time for mindfulness, practicing compassionate and nonviolent communication, and holding the idea of Protector in our hearts!

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