Sunday, March 8, 2020

Photos from the Classroom - January Part II

Getting caught up on Photos...

Sentence Analysis

college visits with Natalie

crockpot dyeing wool yarn 
with onion skins

and fresh beetroot

our loom is warped and ready for the new 2020 tapestry
Yggdrasil and the Nine Norse Worlds

washing veggies for Stone Soup

Miss Emily helps with the Cinnamon Muffins


Flags of the World:  Europe

our resulting yarn colors:
beetroot (top) and onion skin (bottom)

woven paper dolls project

using a paper map to make a doll chain is a great idea

and the kids delighted in opening them up

a careful illustration in the main lesson book

the children can work in the spot they like best

beeswax modeling of sanguine Loki

and choleric Thor

shaving cream races continue in SWI

and Science Club takes a field trip

the Bernoulli Fountain is the number one favorite exhibit

the water table

and the color changing topographic map of hands-on sand

a little exploration of probability

which way will the balls go?

matching US States with their names

Chia comes to enjoy her new spot in the library

and everyone wants to visit and be near her

watercolor painting in Norse Mythology
doubles as a Blacksmith painting for the Professions

mixing a violet and laying down a watercolor wash

adding the glow from the fire

as they paint the Sons of Ivaldi working at the forge
making the first set of gifts

a command card for an emergent reader
a fun daily routine!

Miss Aliya comes in as a special guest
to lead a lesson on Herbal Medicine

this adds a lot to our study of the profession Healer

and the group makes Homemade Elderberry Syrup

fresh lime juice is added

and honey

Miss Aliya works with Zac after school
to finish up the recipe

time for a taste

and Natalie helps portion it out evenly for our families

enjoying the ice in the yard in outdoor play time

Miss Anna reads Farmer Boy during lunch

a lesson on our new board game Othello

curious about the Grammar stencil!

exploring our new Mortensen math material

making paint popsicles with leftover colors
from all those Norse Mythology paintings

we cover the muffin pans with foil

push in our popsicle sticks
and pop them in the freezer

the ice has melted, so now we can play bridge

and fort, of course

and fishing

look, Mom, I caught a big one!

writing the ingredients list for our
Lavender Moisturizing Lip Balm recipe into the MLB

sewing the Sequin Lemon Pin pattern, page 66

this is part of Reading to Perform a Task
and writing a review of the book

working with the tool of pipettes
and the force of Surface Tension

how many drops of water fit on a penny?

time to paint our Winter Sky 

yes, stomping the ice cubes is allowed

it's fun to do a whole group piece of art

we did this after reading Sky Color by Peter Reynolds

we leave the remaining popsicles to melt in different spots

and pour out the liquid in our muffin pans
we will check on it later to see what happened

Miss Bev comes as a special guest with five birds of prey 
from Free Again Wildlife Rehabilitation

a red-tailed hawk

three kinds of owls

and a turkey vulture

yoga is a popular choice for indoor recess

we like the Yoga Pretzels deck

and it even has cards for partner poses

paintings for the story of mead
from the chapter about Bragi, God of Poetry

toothbrush-spatter painted "spittle"

drawing four panels showing scenes from 
The Fisherman and His Wife

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