Friday, March 6, 2020

Photos from the Classroom - January Part I

Getting caught up on Photos...

Zac's first Gingerbread House & Tree
made as part of our Advent Spiral celebration

there are lots of picnic breakfasts/lunches/dinners
while demolition & construction takes place

Servpro tackles the dry-out process
after the flood in our house Dec 24

the bubble line in the paint
where water came through the wall

the library is the most affected room

and a large part of the ceiling is taken down

plastic walls keep the dehumidifiers efficient 
as they only need to dry out half of the house

the zipper doors are fun!

cleaning up drywall dust means mopping
which means more fun!

especially for baby elephants

and then school starts back up again, just like normal
with a brand-new lesson on Infinity Street

reading numbers to the hundred billions place is so easy

how far does Infinity Street go?

classifying animal cards according to Phylum and Class

sharing a Native American artifact

Decurian Division

proceeding slowly and carefully

the USA Location Map

reading early readers from our new Nocturnals series

preparing to paint in Norse Mythology
 Muspelheim, the world of fire
Nifflheim, the world of ice

planning an experiment design in
The Great Backwards Ice Cube Race

working with clay

long multiplication with the Checker Board

division with the Golden Bead Material

watercolor paintings in Norse Mythology

the first Sun

the first Moon and Stars

working carefully to strengthen the sky
and bring the painting into balance

the Million Dollar Bet
(a science experiment for air pressure)

Stone Soup

and making homemade butter

butter and buttermilk

working on phonemes, graphemes, and IPA
(the International Phonetic Alphabet)

mystery objects hidden in shaving cream

people compete in pairs to find items which
contain the phoneme which each IPA symbol stands for

a partner helps spray items with water to reveal them
more quickly

this was a lot of fun!

Sibilants and Plosives

drawing the globe

the Teen Beads lesson


watercolor painting in Norse Mythology

Odin, Hoenir, and Lodur bring the first humans into being:  
Ask and Embla

the Four Elements group transitions into
the Archetypal Professions, beginning with the Farmer


this activity was so fun it got its own post of pictures

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