Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Shopping List for Capital Letters Block

I just finished speaking with a consulting client about the Capital Letters block -- one I love to fill with a bunch of artistic and hands-on projects -- and I realized that there isn't a place on my Capital Letters page that summarizes the projects or gives an inkling of the supplies that may be needed.

Of course, I keep this stuff in my head and never think to write it down!

So, if you are prepping for the Capital Letters block and are planning on using my ideas, here is a quick look at what I do and what you might need to buy if you don't already have it on hand.

It is worth saying that none of this is obligatory; it is just my list of projects. If you have drawing paper and beeswax crayons, you'll still be perfectly fine to do this block!

L - Ledge, D - Dragon
city mural project
large piece of drawing paper, colored pencils

R - River, N - Net
textured aluminum foil fish project
net from a bag of onions, aluminum foil, sharpie markers, cellophane tape

K - King, Q - Queen
gingerbread play dough project (recipe)
cornstarch, baking soda, ground cinnamon, ground allspice, ground ginger, ground cloves, water, vegetable oil, molasses, flour

E - Elephant, M - Mountain
watercolor resist project
watercolor paper, blue watercolor paint, brush, white crayon or oil pastel

S - Stars, O - Otter
potato printing project
brown paint, brush, potatoes, cutting board, knife, black sharpie, glitter glue

X - Xylophone, P - Parrot
feather collage bird project
craft feathers in various colors, scissors, bowl for each color, glue stick

F - Feather, G - Goose
papermaking project
blender, construction paper in various colors (black, white, green, yellow), large bowl and spoon for each color of pulp, ladle, 3 or 4 old towels, super-inexpensive plastic papermaking kit (NOT a fancy Arnold Grummer kit)

V - Valley, C - Cave
sprinkle dyeing wool felt project
white wool felt, Kool-Aid powder in various colors (not grape flavor), a small bowl and a spoon for each color, spray bottle of water, rimmed baking sheet

I - Icicle, J - Jump
Sun Bread baking project
eggs, sugar, all-purpose flour, butter, active dry yeast, milk

snow sensory bin project
baking soda, shaving cream

H - House, Y - Yak
mini brick stamping project
Teifoc mini bricks, brown paint

wet felting project
large deep basin, hot water, baby shampoo or grated mild soap, rimmed baking sheet or old tray, large piece of bubble wrap, white wool roving

W - Worm, U - Underground
chocolate play dough project (recipe)
water, all-purpose flour, salt, unsweetened cocoa powder, cream of tartar, vegetable oil

watercolor pencil drawing project
watercolor paper, watercolor pencils, brush, jar of water

T - Tower, B - Bubbles
popped bubble art project
bubble stuff, food coloring, a small dish for each color, watercolor paper

yeast experiments project
three identical glasses, active dry yeast, water, sugar, measuring spoons

pantry chocolate cake baking project (recipe)
all-purpose flour, sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, baking soda, salt, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, apple cider vinegar, water

old-fashioned bubble bath project (recipe)
mild liquid hand or body soap, sugar or honey, egg

A - Asparagus, Z - Zucchini
paper collage project
construction paper in various colors (green, brown), scissors, glue stick

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