Friday, March 20, 2020

Science Club Updates - Physics

Fun with Physics!

We continue to work our way through the lovely little vintage book Prove It! by Rose Wyler and Gerald Ames.

Friday, February 7

  • "Wetter Water" on pages 14-15
    also try with different shapes other than little men
  • "Is Water Always Wet?" on pages 16-17
  • "Water You Cannot See" on pages 18-19
  • "You Can Get Water From Air" on pages 20-21
  • "Cold Water is Heavy" on pages 22-24

Friday, February 14

  • Melting Ice Science Experiment with Salt and Liquid Watercolors
    using the large chunk of ice from our bird bath
    also test and compare table salt with coarse sea salt
  • "Blow Down a Big Book" on pages 26-27
    try with different sizes of paper bag (lunch bag worked best for us)
  • "Put Paper Under Water and Keep It Dry" on pages 28-29
  • "Pick Up Paper Without Touching It" on pages 30-31
    also try with the cup right side up instead of upside down
  • "The Tall, Tall Straw" on pages 34-35

  • 20 inch long straws

Friday, March 13

  • "You Can Not Empty a Box" on pages 36-37
  • "Make a Ruler Sing" on pages 42-43
  • "You Can Feel Sound" on pages 44-45
  • "Sound Goes Through the Air" on page 46
  • "Sound Goes Through the Ground" on page 47
  • "Making Cutlery String Chimes"
    from Physics is Fun! by Roberto Trostli, page 51
  • "You Can Hear With Your Teeth" on page 49
  • "A Jar of Noise" on pages 50-52
  • look at picture in Ants are Fun, use tin can telephone

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