Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Feast Days of Some Favorite Saints

Not everyone studies the Saint Legends as a block, of course. Another way to do it is to just learn their story on their Feast Day as they are sprinkled about through the year. A fun way to introduce the idea of a Feast Day is by reading Catherine, Called Birdy as a read-aloud story (although some people save that for the block on the Middle Ages), and if you have a children of several ages whom you are homeschooling, combining a 2nd grade Saints block with a 6th grade Middle Ages block is a really nice pairing.

Catherine, Called Birdy

by Karen Cushman

Here are the Feast Days for 30 of the saints I've suggested stories for throughout the years of teaching this topic. Here I'm assuming that you are starting this block in the summer and continuing throughout the school year:

Kevin of Glendalough - Jun 3

Cenydd (anglicized as Keneth) - Jul 5

Christopher - Jul 25

Rose of Lima - Aug 23

Tekla of Ethiopia - Aug 17

Helen - Aug 18

Moses the Black - Aug 28 (Chalcedonian)

Hildegard of Bingen - Sep 17

Michael - Sep 29

Jerome - Sep 30

Francis of Assisi - Oct 4

Colman mac Duagh - Oct 29

Martin de Porres - Nov 3

Martin of Tours - Nov 11

Elizabeth of Hungary - Nov 17

Hilda of Whitby - Nov 17

Conrad - Nov 26

Felix - Nov 20

Nicholas - Dec 6

Odilia - Dec 13

Adam & Eve - Dec 24

Simeon the Stylite - Jan 5

Brigid - Feb 1

Werburgh - Feb 3

Dorothea of Caesarea - Feb 6

Modomnoc - Feb 13

Wulfric - Feb 20

Patrick - Mar 17

Bernadette - Apr 16

Joan of Arc - May 30

If you can't find the story source I used for one of these saints, just ask! Several of them are in a LOT of anthologies (and several of them are really hard to find), so I'm happy to share which story version is my favorite.

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Renee said...

December 13th is Santa Lucia Day too, of course! This is always a favorite holiday in December.

With no students coming to the house because of COVID, Zac will be the lone Star Boy in this year's parade. And, he told me today, I will have to be Santa Lucia! I guess we will just serve sweet buns to each other. :-)