Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Resources with Photos of Main Lesson Book Pages

I have wanted for some time to go back and compile a list of the photo-heavy blog posts I've done that show pictures of all of the pages of a main lesson book. I know that it is always so fun to see what other people did! Here are some other great options:

Pinterest is a wonderful source of MLB page examples, and I've created an extensive set of boards showing chalkboard drawings and MLB pages for the Waldorf main lesson blocks in grades 1-8 (as well as Reggio & Montessori).

Jamie York also helpfully has a section of his website devoted just to MLB pages for math main lesson blocks.

Waldorf Teacher Resources is also an excellent resource and is really nicely organized!

Sady, the Gallery feature at Waldorf Today Newsletter is no longer working, but Eugene Schwartz (no relation) at Millenial Child has a gallery on main lesson book pages and student art at his website. He does videos and podcasts and virtual conferences, and I believe he's also created an app. I once co-hosted a roundtable at a Waldorf homeschool conference with him. He never homeschooled but was a Waldorf class teacher for a long time, and has really made it a top priority to support homeschoolers.

Grade One

Grade Two

Place Value: Ocean Zones
this is an example book which I made while working with a tutoring client

Stories of the Saints
Leah, who actually did this block in sixth grade as part of the Middle Ages

Grade Three

Baking: Time, Temperature, Weight & Volume

Farming & Gardening
Leah and Natalie

Grade Four

Man & Animal I and II

Norse Mythology I and II

Grade Five

Grade Six

String, Straight-Edge & Shadow

String, Straight-Edge & Shadow

Business Math
Leah and Natalie

Grade Seven

Age of Exploration, Renaissance & Reformation

Grade Eight

Human Anatomy & Physiology

Shakespearean Drama: Romeo & Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing


World Geography & Economics

In putting this list together I am realizing that I have many main lesson books in Natalie, Leah, and Becca's Portfolio Bins which I have never photographed! I'll try to work on doing those over the Thanksgiving Break. Then I will post them in the blog, and I will keep this page updated as well.

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