Thursday, October 8, 2020

Robert McClung

I am just finishing up packing another set of distance learning tote bags, and I am thinking about the wonderful book Spike: The Story of a Whitetail Deer. I got my copy from a library discard sale. It is the very best book to give to a child who still needs large print and a lot of white space on a page, but wants to hold a book that doesn't look like an early reader. It looks thicker, like a chapter book, and it has a hard cover. Yet, the reading is so comfortable. And the topic is so interesting! It never fails to engage kids.

Well, I was on Amazon creating a link and I saw that there was just one review. I scrolled down to read it and found that, like me, the reviewer raved about this book for her 10 year old son who is later to read. But then I saw that Robert McClung wrote more books like this one! I am so excited! Here is what I have managed to discover so far. Of course, they are all out of print (like the best early readers seem to always be), so you'll likely be buying ex-library books:

You can see how well-loved they are by how expensive they are. You'd have to watch like a hawk for a deal. Anyone who is in the business of bringing books back into print... it appears these books would be an excellent choice!

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