Monday, December 26, 2022

Art History - Ruth Asawa

Our Specials schedule this year is

    Mon - Nature Study & Form Drawing

    Tue - Farm Day

    Wed - Handwork & Philosophy, Science Club

    Thu - Art History & Structured Word Inquiry

    Fri - Forest School

In my Art History 2022-2023 blog post, I decided January would be Ruth Asawa. Here are some resources and my planning notes:

Ruth Asawa
1926 - 2013


we are going to study SIUC professor Buckminster Fuller as well this month

Design at Southern Illinois University: R. Buckminster Fuller

Everything is Design (PDF)

- she formed a lifelong friendship with visionary architect R. Buckminster Fuller, who once described her as one of the greatest artists he knew

- he designed her wedding ring

- she saw him raise his first geodesic dome

- one of her monumental sculptures hung in Bucky and Anne's Carbondale IL home

Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome

The Restoration of Buckminster Fuller's Dome Home Kicks Off Saturday
Architect Magazine - Apr 18, 2014

possible field trip ideas:

Ruth Asawa: Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Ruth Asawa: Black Mountain College

Ruth Asawa, the Subversively 'Domestic' Artist
The New York Times - Dec 22, 2013

TThe Japanese-American Sculptor Who, Despite Persecution, Made Her Mark
The New York Times - Jul 20, 2020

Ruth Asawa’s Life Was Even More Remarkable Than You Thought

A fresh look at Ruth Asawa’s extraordinary life

lots of Nature walks would make sense when studying this artist... love her quote!

Ruth Asawa
Frog from Ghirardelli Square

Baker's Clay Recipe

for my oldest student, who is studying U.S. History (which Waldorf does in 8th grade), we will return to the life of Ruth Asawa when we get to Japanese Internment in the Second World War

Being Ruth Asawa – a poem by Anne Whitehouse

Ruth Asawa
National Park Service

SHEG: Japanese American Incarceration

SHEG: Ansel Adams at Manzanar

week of Jan 2:

week of Jan 9:

    Monday - make designs in dirt with bare feet

    Thursday - Art History Kids - Magnificent Modern Art Course
    week 2 video & assignment

    Continuous Line Drawing

    it would also be fun to do a continuous line drawing 3-D with a crochet hook and some undyed natural fiber yarn (or this may be a good use for the raffia someone donated and I've never used)... just keep going in and out of your own work until you feel like being done

week of Jan 16:

week of Jan 23:

    However, I don't like this video AT ALL because it is nothing like Ruth Asawa's techinque. I think that our crochet single-line-drawing is much closer to her work, and the class enjoyed experimenting with it, so I'd like to expand upon that and let the children try to "loop" with wire. We have plenty of it left over from Alexander Calder!

    I love the "knotless netting" images in the article below:
    Ruth Asawa and the Mythical Basketmaker of Mexico

    And, in fact, we will be learning how to tie nets in Norse Mythology this Spring (Loki), so this will lay an interesting foundation for that!

week of Jan 30:

    Buckminster Fuller field trip - tour of Dome Home

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