Friday, April 14, 2023

PPI: Psychology

May will be another PPI month for the children ages 9 and up (the children who are old enough to be independent readers) and they are very excited! The 8th grader has decided his Project of Personal Interest is to learn about Psychology. Here are some ideas that I think would be good for this topic at his age. I'm also happy to hear other suggestions, if you think of some!

Placebo Effect

Reverse Psychology

Temple Grandin - Autism, Animal Psychology


The Paradox of Choice


History of Psychological Testing

Brain Anatomy

Implicit Bias

    I took this training as part of camp this summer, and thought that 8th graders would find the explanations and exercises interesting as well!

    Our Hidden Biases
    YouTube video

    Implicit Bias Training
    Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Ohio State University

    module 1: Understanding Implicit Bias
    module 2: Real-World Implications
    module 3: Understanding Your Own Biases
    module 4: Mitigating Unwanted Biases

    IAT -
    Harvard University

Brain Injuries - Stroke

Brain Injuries - Exercise-associated Hyponatremia

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