Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Word About Online Backup Services

I just want to take a minute here and say a word about online backup services. I am sitting here listening to the water (coming from who-knows-where) drip on to the refrigerator coil and hearing it sizzle and idly wondering if the thing is going to short out and catch on fire and, if so, which window would be the easiest to get the girls out of and realizing that I'm not going to take the time to grab my laptop if that sort of emergency arose. And, as you all know, my entire website is on my computer. I have an external hard drive which I'm supposed to be backing my files onto but haven't since February of I-forget-which-year (but I know for sure it wasn't this one). My computer is my right hand gal. I don't know what I would do if it were suddenly gone! Then I remembered about online backup services and went to see which one PC Magazine recommends. Their article pointed out that if you use an external hard drive and it's in the same house as your computer, if the house burns up or there's a hurricane or flood or robbery (which is apparently what happened to Francis Ford Coppola), BOTH your external hard drive and your computer will be affected. Duh. So off-site is just plain better. Whew! Easier, too. I'm going to try their recommendation of SOS Online Backup which gives you a free trial period and from there you can choose an annual fee or a monthly fee (the fees vary depending on how much data you are backing up -- 2 GB, for example, would be $3.60 per month).

Anyway, having had this epiphany (at 1:20 AM) I thought I would share it.

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