Friday, February 15, 2019

Fibers & Clothing Week 2

This block has been so much fun! Here are some notes from Week 2.

Week 1: Wool Experiments, Washing Molly's Raw Wool, Carding & Spinning, Wet Felting

Week 2: Natural Dyes, Mohair & Cashmere, Yarn Store Field Trip, Silk, Crochet Special Guest

Monday, February 11

  • review wet felting, make wet felted soap stones
  • draft Wet Felting for MLB
  • read The Goat in the Rug by Charles L. Blood and Martin Link
  • try natural dyeing in the crockpot (wool batting, eight chopped fresh beets, white vinegar, 12 hours on low and 10 hours on keep warm)

Tuesday, February 12

Thursday, February 14

  • add Wet Felting to MLB
  • review natural dyes, draft Natural Dyes for MLB
  • look at and feel Nuno wet felted scarf by Andi LeBeau
  • look at our silkworm eggs (which have been colder than 75-85 degrees and are not yet hatching) and the remaining items in the Silkworm Discovery Kit
  • read Silkworms by Sylvia A. Johnson, stopping to look at cocoons (both broken and whole non-living)

Friday, February 15

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