Sunday, March 28, 2010

Animal Architects

Yes, I am spending my Spring Break looking through my computer for partially completed projects I want to finish, or units I've written but hadn't yet converted into pdfs and put on the website. Partly because I have time, partly because my free trial of Adobe 9 is about to expire. :-)

Here's one:
Animal Architects (click to download - subscription required)

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This is an interesting unit. Its a kind of a variation on the 4th grade Zoology block with a Physics twist. I originally got the idea when a friend needed to include some Physics for the Canadian requirement for her child's grade level. It might be helpful to someone else as well!

By the way, while looking for the Encyclopedia Britannica book/tape set Prairie Dog Town (I didn't find it), I found a book by L. Frank Baum (creator of the Wizard of Oz) called Prairie-Dog Town Languishing in obscurity for many years, it is now back in print thanks to Addison Press. Fascinating! I'd love to read it.

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pleach said...

Dear Renee,
Thank you so much for sharing this block plan, it was the most loved and fun block! My daughter truly enjoyed learning about animal habitats with a science twist to it. Suddenly nature and science blended so beautifully. you have been very generous to share your wisdom. Could I please request you to share more of such blocks? We will be starting G5 coming September.
Again, thank you for your generosity, I have no words to thank you.