Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Crafts

I keep seeing really nice Easter craft ideas on Nova Natural's crafting blog. My three favorites:

Felt Easter Eggs - Sewing Project

Tie Dyed Easter Eggs - Dyeing Project
This is using their beautiful bleeding Art Tissue Paper ($6.00)

Paint & Dye Speckled Eggs - Dyeing Project
I think you could get this same blue color from red cabbage.

I think these dyed eggs are just beautiful! See all the egg crafts on Nova Natural's blog.

Dyeing Eggs Naturally by Martha Stewart

Want even more craft ideas? Try

For the BEST Easter stories, I love

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Rhoda said...

We are doing the Sewn Felt Easter Eggs project this morning. I recommend printing the template once on plain paper and having each child trace it and make a copy on tracing paper. Have the children put their names on their patterns. Having more copies of the pattern means more people can be pinning and cutting out felt, instead of waiting one at a time. I also suggest putting the child's initials and the date on the back side of each egg before you sew it up and stuff it.