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More Easter Crafts

In searching for my notes on the cute knitted bunny pattern I made once, I found a blog post from 2008 which I thought was really funny: Easter Egg Hunt. One thing I like about blogging is being able to look back at what I did with the children. And I threw a party once in a nightgown? REALLY???

I also found an even older post from my old blog with lists of Easter craft pattern resources, so I thought I'd copy that and put it here:


Easter is one of my favorite holidays and one I gather ideas for all year round. Here are my own favorite books, recipes, projects and ideas for celebrating this holiday.

Favorite Picture Books

All Year Round

All Year Round by Ann Druitt, Christine Fynes-Clinton, and Marije Rowling is one of the best Waldorf books for celebrations throughout the year. Here are the Easter projects included in this book:


Palm Sunday

  • Lenten garden
  • Magic tufty cones
  • A Palm Sunday and Easter decoration
  • Bread cockerels

Maundy Thursday

  • Chervil soup

Good Friday

  • Hot cross buns

Holy Saturday

  • Easter bread ring


  • The Easter garden
  • Easter candles
  • Hare (knitting pattern)
  • Cockered, hen and chick (knitting patterns)
  • Butterflies
    • Cut-out butterfly
    • Tissue paper butterfly
    • Dress-net butterfly
  • Easter eggs
    • Onion skin dye
    • Batik eggs
    • Scratched eggs
    • Pace-egging (game)
    • How to blow an egg
    • How to hang an egg
    • Crepe and tissue paper decorations
    • Batik eggs for children
    • Painted eggs
  • More things to do with eggs
    • Miniature garden in an egg
    • Surprise-egg-box
    • Egg with seeds
  • Pop-up Easter egg card
  • Easter card
  • Simple Easter egg cut-outs

The Easter Craft Book

The Easter Craft Book by Thomas and Petra Berger is a little harder to find but well worth the trouble. It includes an amazing variety of projects. Here is the table of contents:
  • Spring
    • Mother Earth and the flower-children in coloured wool
    • Flower-children made from felt
    • A picture made of fairy-tale wool
    • Transparency made of modelling wax
    • Palm Sunday branches
    • A paper Palm Sunday cock
  • Dough figures
    • Figures made with dough
    • A cock for the Palm Sunday branch
    • An Easter hare
    • An Easter nest with an egg
    • Little bread men
    • Easter wreath made of dough
    • Filled chickens
    • A fruit-cake Easter hare or lamb
    • A Whitsun bird made of dough
  • Easter figures with salt-dough
    • Making salt-dough figures with children
    • A plaited wreath of salt-dough
    • Salt-dough for intricate figures
    • An Easter hare
    • An Easter medallion
    • An Easter tree
  • A festive table
    • An Easter tree
    • Easter branches with eggs
    • A box or eggshell with cress
    • A little lamb made of butter
    • Home-made egg cups
    • Folding an egg-cup
    • Cutting out doilies
    • A plaited Easter basket or box
    • Decorating candles
  • Working with wood and textiles
    • A knotted cloth hare
    • Woollen chickens (pom-poms)
    • Woollen rabbits (pom-poms)
    • A knitted hare -- 2006
    • A knitted chicken
    • A knitted Easter hare as an egg-cosy
    • A felt egg-cosy
    • A felt hen as an egg-cosy
    • An Easter hare as a finger-puppet
    • An Easter hare as a glove-puppet
    • A knitted Easter hare as a glove-puppet
  • Decorating Easter eggs
    • Before beginning to decorate
    • Blowing out eggs
    • Hanging up the eggs
    • Eggs to be decorated by children
    • Colouring eggs with plant dyes
    • Painting eggs with water-colours
    • Decorating eggs with wax
    • Decorating eggs by scratching away the colour
    • Using a stamp on eggs
    • Decorating eggs with trimmings and wool (fabric notions)
    • Decorating eggs with dried flowers and leaves
    • Decorating eggs with quilling
    • Decorating eggs with paper flowers
    • Decorating eggs with straw and wood-shavings
    • Making bakik eggs with flowers and plants
    • Crech and Ukranian batik eggs
  • Working with paper
    • Cutting out concertina paper
    • Easter transparencies
    • An origami hen
    • An origami hare
    • An origami swan
    • Little doves of cardboard and tissue-paper
    • Tissue-paper butterflies
    • Flowers made of tissue-paper
    • Elves made of tissue-paper

Goodies for the Easter Basket

Fun things to make:

More Links

I love the play mat project in
Last-Minute Fabric Gifts: 30 Hand-Sew, Machine-Sew, and No-Sew Projects

Projects and directions you can find FREE online:

knitted Easter egg pattern (worked in the round)

So you'd like to... felt an Easter egg directions and list of wet felting resource books

more directions for Wet Felting Easter Eggs

I love the idea of making a knitted then felted woolly nest for the eggs to sit in... but the pattern isn't free online. But inspiration is free!

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A Jolly Easter Story Poem for Early Childhood by Suzanne Down

Easter stories from For the Children's Hour by Carolyn S. Bailey

Painted Egg Cookies


Renee said...

Festivals Family and Food: Guide to Seasonal Celebration also has an Easter section. It includes a recipe for Hot Cross Buns, Flower Seeds for Eastertime and Planting Seeds on Good Friday, To Blow Easter Eggs, Hard-boiled Eggs, Easter Baskets, the story of the Easter Hare, the Egg Hunt, Egg Rolling, Marzipan Easter Symbols, Easter Egg Cosies, a recipe for marzipan Easter Nests, Nests, Making Chicks, Hares & Lambs, recipes for Traditional Italian Easter Cake, Russian Paskha Easter Cake, Madeira Cake, Easter Biscuits, and Easter Cake. The recipes are pretty detailed but the craft ideas are usually just suggestions and most don't include patterns.

Renee said...

Marie Mayhew is phenomenally talented! I love her needle felted eggs with wool appliqué: