Thursday, March 12, 2015

Half a Dozen Garden Projects

Ok, so my husband has asked me to whittle my garden enthusiasm down to a handful of projects. I've arbitrarily decided to limit it to half a dozen. That means that if I find new ideas I will have to wait... or ditch one of these... in order to not get in over my head with ideas that I start and don't stick with.

Our budget is tight so pallets (free from my husband's work) and corrugated cardboard (also free from my husband's work) and straw bales (which we already have, left over from our wedding decorations) will rule the roost when it comes to prepping for this garden year.

Can't resist sharing some wedding pics from our beautiful November day!

I already talked about pallet compost bins in my previous post, and we've already tried and liked that idea, so even though we are building three more, I'm not counting it in my 6 new things to try this Spring:

1. pallet garden trellis / tomato cage
LOVE these! So fun and funky and colorful

2. pallet garden bed
FANTASTIC for succession plantings of lettuces

3. eggshell seed starting pots

4. toilet paper seed tape
use flour/water paste

5. straw bale gardening
we tried this last year at Tidewater -- very attractive and SO easy

6. lasagna gardening
we are using the corrugated cardboard on the bottom, kitchen scraps and whatever is in the compost bin in the middle, and straw on the top

I still have to look through all my books from the library, and just bought a new one on gardening projects to do with your family, so I may yet be tempted to try more things...

Project Garden: A Month-by-Month Guide to Planting, Growing, and Enjoying ALL Your Backyard Has to Offer

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