Thursday, March 5, 2015

Simple is Better

Montessori and Waldorf both place an emphasis on having Handwork in the curriculum. In Montessori terms, it is part of Practical Life. In Waldorf terms, it is part of the Head/Heart/Hands concept. Still, sometimes I miss an obvious opportunity in daily life. Since combining three households -- my grandparents' stuff, my stuff, and my husband's stuff -- we had WAY too many towels and needed to pare down and give the extras to the animal shelter. I decided to color code the bath towels and washcloths and so I assigned every family member a color. Whatever colors we had past the basic seven (two adults, three girls, the baby boy, and a color for guests) went into the donate stash. Becca chose red as her color (yes, choleric). She had a red bath towel but was missing red washcloths. Rather than head to the store to buy washcloths, I realized this evening I could get her Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton Yarn (641 TRUE RED) and let her knit her own!

It will be a great opportunity to teach her the seed stitch:

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