Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Homeschool Curriculum Consultants

This page is being moved from the website. Please feel free to comment if you have other suggestions or recommendations, or wish to post a review of someone. This will help people preparing for next year!

Homeschool Curriculum Consultants

Sometimes a consultant is your best bet to help you develop a curriculum which is best suited to your family. Pricing varies wildly between consultants so ask around before you choose. Here are some who are Waldorf-inspired:

Barbara Dewey of Waldorf Without Walls
Jean Miller of Waldorf Inspired Learning
David Darcy
Melisa Nielson of Waldorf Essentials
Eugene Schwartz of Millenial Child

Have you had a good experience with a consultant? Post a review at our Yahoo Group.

Yes, I do offer personal consulting.

The charge for the initial consultation is a flat rate of $99.00 (per family, NOT per child). This is a one-time "getting to know your family" fee. You will receive an initial phone call (usually lasts approximately one hour), assistance with your daily and weekly rhythms, as well as a curriculum plan for the current or upcoming school year including monthly main lesson blocks and personalized suggestions. Each client gets a private Microsoft OneNote Binder with his/her individual recommendations.

From that point onward, the consulting fee is $20.00 per month for unlimited email support. This also includes a free subscription to the website. It is my goal to help you with each main lesson block as you implement it. Books are not included in the fee. I do recommend books for you to purchase, as needed, although I try to work with curriculum materials you already own, or free resources (public library, online materials) as much as possible. I assist with the planning but I do not write your daily lesson plans for you.

You can come and go as many times as you like and you never have to purchase a month if you don't feel you will need it. This helps you tailor the costs to meet your family's budget.

Interested? Please visit the Waldorf Curriculum website or contact me.

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