Monday, March 16, 2015

Form Drawing Resources

I'm moving this article off the website and onto here so that people are able to comment and share additional links.

First, some Form Drawing background information:

Excellent Form Drawing article by Rosemary Gebert

“Form Drawing with Rick and Jennifer Tan” interview transcript from the Waldorf Connection

My original Form Drawing Notes (PDF)

Teaching 2nd grade? Here's a complete list of 25 suggested stories to accompany the 25 running forms in volume 1 of Form Drawing for Better Handwriting - which you can download from my website

Form Drawing blog post by Ducks in the Pond

Here are some additional resources:

Form Drawing Curricula

Sources for Forms

Remarkably, most parents feel there is a "specific guide" to teach the "mysteries" of form drawing. Initially, it was translated as Form Designing; the simplicity of the name of this way of drawing is the answer to the mystery. You are simply designing and then drawing forms!

Once that realization is established, it's easy to locate sources.

British & Celtic Forms

Dover Publications (Dover Pictoral Archive Series)

Check your local library system for the Dover Pictoral Archive Series; mine has 17 titles. Then simply photocopy the pages you need. Or wander the nonfiction system using the Dewey Decimal System: try looking around 741.

Picture Books

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Catherine said...

This book is the most comprehensive book on form drawing that I've seen. Expensive, but it will last a long time and no need to purchase any other resource if you have this one: