Sunday, October 6, 2019

All Photos... Part I

As promised!

the gigantic sunflower head from Miss Shelby

we examine sunflower seeds from the store
do they look the same?

tweezer work supports the development of the pincer grip

plus, it's fun!

making numbers with the Golden Bead Material

and they all fell over pulling the turnip out

the little mouse got the biggest portion of turnip stew, of course

working together on Plural vs. Collective Nouns
from the Waseca Biomes Grammar Cabinet

giant masonry forms

playing Selecta's Dwarves and Dice

latitude & longitude work from Clocca Concepts

painting Turnip Portraits

no brushes allowed, only fingers & toes

starting with the circular shape

carefully adding the root

this was really fun to do (and to watch)

blending colors
I gave them white, purple with a bit of pink,
and brown with a bit of green

adding the final finishing touches

they have gotten sooo much enjoyment
out of these tubes

I love this mid-air photo of a jump,
pigtails flying!

a pretend campfire

cooking up a stew

torn paper collage Volcano artwork
for the Landforms & Water Features main lesson book

making sure there's a well-defined Crater showing

we have a great variety of colors and textures of paper

a minimalist design

my vintage Mt. St. Helens postcard

back when international postage was 2 cents

pumice from Mt. Vesuvius

Zac and I hold a fuzzy baby chick at Farm Day

using up the rest of our washable paint by Nature Painting
trees, leaves, sticks, and so on

painting the Fort under the magnolia tree

half an hour later...
still going strong

this simple project brought so much enjoyment

from Waseca Biomes

our nearly-empty sunflower seed head
goes out for the squirrels and chipmunks and birds

special guests tell us about their family trip to Alaska
where they saw Fjords, Glaciers, and Icebergs

putting together the Periodic Table in Science Club 

by Theodore Gray

working together on a set of Word Study cards
from Montessori Research & Development

this set is Alphabetical Order

Short Bead Chains (this is the 9 chain)
from Nienhuis Montessori

long multiplication on Graph Paper

stamping the chain of 9 squared takes up a lot of paper!

helping a friend with long multiplication

the Checker Board uses the same color coding for
digits 1 through 9 as the Bead Chains above

the Golden Bead Material uses the same color
coding for place value as the Checker Board above

the Montessori materials are brilliant in how they move
very slowly from concrete to abstract, while
maintaining consistency in the presentation of concepts

getting ready to roll beeswax candles

our beautiful dragon candle looks like it's
really breathing fire

new board game for recess:

from Waseca Biomes

working together to place the wood veneer arrows
where they go on the mat's artwork

then flipping the arrows over to read the Water Cycle steps

working with Clay to make landforms
Archipelago, Atoll, and Reef

playing Haba's Orchard board game

doll play

changing the Nature table to an Autumn display

helping set up the Kool-Aid sprinkle dyed
felt project for our dragon finger puppets

carefully choosing a color

and sprinkling it on the wet felt

everyone takes a turn

and a second turn

it really is quite magical

we leave the colors to blend and flow

We're Going on a Bell Hunt

creeping quietly toward the "Dragon" in her "Lair"

inching closer without letting the bells make a sound

time to hang out in the tree

Zac, pretty confident now, has been around
this tree his entire life

"Mom, take my picture!"

knitting a gigantic scarf
from Kids Can Knit by Carolyn Clewer

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