Friday, October 18, 2019

Capital Letters: Week Three

Please refer back to my How Waldorf Teaches Capital Letters post for important information concerning this main lesson block.

Monday, October 14 (T - Tower, B - Bubbles)


  • review W - Worm and U - Underground
  • make Worms in the shape of W with Chocolate Play Dough (PDF)
  • create MLB artwork: Stabilo Woody 3-in-1 chunky watercolor pencils for the underground tunnel
  • I drew the outline of the tunnel (a large U) on watercolor paper and my students colored the ground around the U and the sky and grass above. I reminded them that the U had to stay clean and clear (so that the mice could run through it). Then have them use a paintbrush and clean water to spread the colors around, so that you end up with a colorful drawing with the underground tunnel as negative space.


  • add dry watercolor paintings to MLB, write summary sentence
  • set up yeast science experiment, let sit while reading the story:

    Jar A - 1/2 T dry yeast

    Jar B - 1/2 T dry yeast, 1/3 cup warm water

    Jar C - 1/2 T dry yeast, 1/3 cup warm water, 1/8 cup sugar

  • read The Duchess Bakes a Cake by Virginia Kahl
  • explain yeast, explain that baking soda & vinegar also creates a reaction which makes bubbles and that these bubbles will make our cake rise... and that by leaving it unfrosted they will be able to see the texture on the top where the bubbles rose up and popped
  • bake One-Dish Chocolate Cake
  • use wooden blocks to build tall towers while the cake is baking

Tuesday, October 15 (O - Otter, S - Stars)

  • review T - Tower and B - Bubbles
  • create MLB artwork: Popped Bubble Art (make several jars of color using a little diluted Stockmar watercolor paint added to bubble stuff, blow bubbles onto watercolor paper, see the circles when they pop)
  • create MLB artwork: colored pencil drawing of a Tower with a Turret
  • read A Lot of Otters by Barbara Helen Berger

Thursday, October 17 (F - Feather, G - Goose)

  • look at illustration of T - Tower in L M N O P and All the Letters A to Z by Howard Schrager
  • finish Tower illustration, add to MLB, write summary sentence
  • review O - Otter and S - Stars
  • create MLB artwork: use brown paint to do potato printing for adult otter faces and carrot printing for baby otter faces
  • look at illustration of S - Stars in L M N O P and read poem
  • create MLB artwork: use glitter glue to make sparkly dots in the sky in the shape of large S, plus fallen star tears in the ocean waters
  • read Barnyard Banter by Denise Fleming

Friday, October 18

  • add dry Otter and Star artwork to MLB, write summary sentence
  • review F - Feather and G - Goose
  • create MLB artwork: make handmade paper poured pulp illustration of Goose (pulp colors: white, black, yellow, green)

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