Monday, October 7, 2019

All Photos... Part II

dragon bread time!

older friends helping younger

forming the bread dough into a dragon shape

and decorating it with currants and sliced almonds

our beautiful piece of sprinkle-dyed felt

dragon finger puppet pattern

playing Jump the River

Ms. Anna helps sew up dragon finger puppets

yummy golden bread

now the tubes are dragon wings!

knitted kitties are being finished
happy birthday!

after the kittie comes the knitted chicken

taking notes on the Grand Canyon book 
by Jason Chin

working on the Hundred Board

our colored water model of an Estuary

our hike up the Inspiration Point Trail to view the
Mississippi River Basin

is almost full!

a mixture of fine sand and iron filings
in Science Club

separated with a magnet wrapped in plastic wrap

building our Volcano model

our new baby bunny, Chia
just five weeks old

a handful of cuteness

I mean, what could be cuter than that face????

Zac creates a design with blocks and
then carefully draws in on a piece of paper

this is very Reggio Emilia,
representing an idea in more than one modality

after adding a new block (the green one)
he carefully adds a new line to his drawing

the final drawing

the final design

members of the class are introduced to Chia

we watch her hop around and be adorable

adding artwork to the MLB which shows a River
gradually carving out a Canyon from a Plain

dragon finger puppets continue!

our hike up the Devil's Standtable Nature Trail
to see this interesting Earth Pillar

the layers are all sandstone but the top one (the cap)
has more iron in it, thus the differential weathering

enjoying the Giant City State Park Visitor's Center

beautiful block designs

Miss Ellie visits with a baby squirrel

the children listen carefully as she
explains how a baby squirrel is cared for

shoebox weaving

at last we fill the chalkboard!  
we covered 32 Landforms & Water Features

the many beautiful colors in our dyed felt

the Early Childhood group explores the volcano model
made by Science Club children


they are intrigued by the dramatic
baking soda & vinegar reactions

finishing up the MLB before a new block begins

a new math lesson
multiplying on Graph Paper with a two-digit multiplier 

this lesson follows the Checker Board
in the progression from concrete to abstract

working together on Word Study

our Art Room is sunny and open 
on a beautiful warm day

Script lessons begin

sphere to egg metamorphosis in Clay

this is not as easy as it seems
especially since I didn't give them an egg to look at

the group display of finished eggs

our first lesson in Structured Word Inquiry
< sedimentary >
< metamorphic >

making numbers with the Number Cards
before making the given quantity with the Golden Beads

these cards can be stacked for Standard Notation
or slid apart for Expanded Notation

helping friends sew up and stuff their kitties

helping collect the Golden Bead Material from the "bank"
and arrange it properly by each number card

a conversation ensues

Pronoun Box 2 from the

the task is making and then symbolizing sentences using the
Grammar Stencil and colored pencils

making aluminum foil fish 
for the R is for River / N is for Net artwork

River card

Net card

reviewing emblem < u >
and learning emblem < n >

a hike to catch and tag Monarch Butterflies!

no luck but we still had a great time

putting the tag (which is a very small sticker)
on the monarch butterfly

and releasing it to fly to Mexico

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