Friday, June 19, 2020

Habitats: Tide Pool, Coral Reef

Although Zac has mostly been interested in our own biome, Temperate Forest, he is slowly starting to be curious about other habitats. For the past year he's been fascinated by the globe and all of the maps he can find. It used to be that he brought them to me and wanted to know where we are on them, but now he is starting to make connections about life in other places.

Of course, he is constantly picking up the "school-kid books" and "reading" everything he can get his hands on. Living in a house that is also a school has a major influence on what he's exposed to. But one thing I've noticed about all four of my children. If you fill the house with books, buy new ones all the time, read yourself, read to them, and then tell them they aren't old enough to learn how to read on their own yet, they'll look at books CONSTANTLY day in and day out and sneak them at night. Whether you're living in a school or not.

Yes, it's a magical thing. But soon, not yet.

Keep building up the mystery.

I actually wonder if Zac might be the first of my children to teach himself to read. He's constantly looking for patterns. He can write his name although I never showed him how. (I actually wonder if maybe I should show him now, so that his pathways are correct. Since he's locking in some bad habits.)

His current quest is to find the number 10 all over the house, and he's right about what 10 looks like even though I never told him. He figured out place value and how to read numbers to 40. I think that's from looking at the numbers on the pages of books. He taught himself how to read an analog clock to the half hour, just from me telling him what time it was and how much time until the end of his nap.

So now I'd like to start keeping some notes on resources we have for different habitats. Notetaking is key. Writing things down clears my head of all of the jumble of reminders that keep chiming like an endless wall of cuckoo clocks. And maybe the lists are helpful to other people too? If you know of a picture book or chapter book or nonfiction book or poem or song, etc. that would be useful for one of these lists, please share!

Tide Pool (California - Pacific Ocean)


    by Holling Clancy Holling

Tide Pool (England - Atlantic Ocean)

Coral Reef

    The Brilliant Deep: Rebuilding the World's Coral Reefs

    by Kate Messner

    Coral Reefs: A Journey Through an Aquatic World Full of Wonder

    by Jason Chin

      moon jelly
      azure vase sponge
      stove-pipe sponge
      giant barrel sponge
      row pore rope sponge
      orange elephant ear sponge
      yellow tube sponge
      warty sea rod
      common sea fan
      bushy sea whip
      pillar coral
      ivory coral
      whitestar sheet coral
      great star coral
      staghorn coral
      elkhorn coral
      boulder brain coral
      mustard hill coral
      thin leaf lettuce coral
      spotted cleaner shrimp
      red coral crab
      spiny lobster
      rock-boring urchin
      giant anemone
      blue chrome
      banded butterflyfish
      queen triggerfish
      glassy sweeper
      sergeant major
      indigo hamlet
      spotted scorpionfish
      Atlantic spadefish
      fairy basslet
      foureye butterfly fish
      queen angelfish
      horse-eye jack
      dog snapper
      rock beauty
      Spanish hogfish
      blue striped grunt
      giant barracuda
      glasseye snapper
      rainbow parrotfish
      french angelfish
      neon goby
      Nassau grouper
      longlure frogfish
      green moray eel
      spotted eagle ray
      southern stingray
      common octopus
      Caribbean reef squid
      hawksbill turtle
      nurse shark
      reef shark
      whale shark
      great hammerhead shark

    Look Again: Secrets of Animal Camouflage

    by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

      whip coral shrimp
      crocodile fish
      scarlet frogfish
      giant Pacific octopus

    One Night in the Coral Sea

    by Sneed B. Collard III

      Portuguese man-of-war
      orange cup coral
      finger coral
      scroll coral
      star coral
      branching staghorn coral
      soft coral
      purple tipped coral
      pineapple coral
      mushroom coral
      fire coral
      staghorn coral
      brain coral
      galaxy coral
      frogspawn coral
      star coral
      giant clam
      biscuit sea star
      feather star
      crown-of-thorns starfish
      blue sea star
      cone snail
      banded coral shrimp
      sea fan
      scarlet sea fan
      ghost shrimp
      slate-pencil sea urchin
      spotted seahorse
      diagonal-banded sweetlips
      sixline wrasse
      smalltail wrasse
      bird wrasse
      banded pipefish
      harlequin ghost pipefish
      greensnout parrotfish
      gray demoiselle
      yellowmask angelfish
      squarespot anthias
      blue-girdled angelfish
      harlequin tuskfish
      axilspot hogfish
      slingjaw wrasse
      striped boxfish
      anthias fish
      princess damselfish
      lemon damselfish
      Gunther's wrasse
      moray eel
      blue-spotted stingray
      blue-ringed octopus
      bottlenosed dolphin
      green sea turtle
      humpback whale
      whitetip reef shark

    Time to Sleep

    by Steve Jenkins & Robin Page

      green sea turtle

    Coral Reef Habitat Mat from Waseca Biomes

      marine zooplankton
      marine phytoplankton
      staghorn coral
      pineapple brain coral
      toadstool leather coral
      table coral
      mushroom coral
      cabbage coral
      brain coral
      Gorgonian fan coral
      tube sponge
      giant barrel sponge
      Christmas tree worm
      fuschsia flatworm
      feather star
      magnificent anemone
      giant clam
      crown-of-thorns starfish
      Pacific cleaner shrimp
      blue linckia sea star
      sea squirt
      pygmy seahorse
      bluestriped fangblenny
      bluestreak cleaner wrasse
      yellowstripe fairy basslet
      steephead parrotfish
      one spot foxface rabbitfish
      emperor angelfish
      ocellairs clownfish
      blue tang
      bluestripe snapper
      pajama cardinalfish
      blue ribbon eel
      green sea turtle
      blacktip reef shark

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